Industrial Metal Top Crank TableIndustrial Metal Top Crank Table

Industrial Metal Top Crank Table

Our Round top vintage industrial crank table is inspired by early days of the industrial age. The Perfect blend of Vintage finish and functionality makes this Metal top industrial crank table a perfect example for any home. The hand crank mechanism is easy to perform which adjust the height of the crank table from Coffee height to bar height. The rivets on the side of the table top provide the vintage look of the old age era.

Shakunt Vintage Industrial Crank TableShakunt Vintage Industrial Crank Table

Shakunt Vintage Industrial Crank Table

If you are in search for the Functional Dining Table, you are at ideal place. The Double Crank base Dining Table in our Vintage Industrial Furniture features an industrial aesthetic with a unique blend of iron by our skilled artisans. The addition of this Industrial Dining Table in your home furniture and Office Furniture enlarge your identity. These Eclectic Dining Tables are handcrafted and hand finished. The Industrial iron Crank base can be available with custom height adjustment/requirements. This durable, hardworking piece has versatile functionality. Dimensions can be customised as per choice and requirement.  Our furniture specialists are ready to help you find the right fit for your lifestyle and needs.

Industrial crank table with reclaimed wood top

Industrial crank table with reclaimed wood top

Selecting the precise Industrial crank table for your home or restaurant, you are at the right place!

Our reclaimed wood top crank table is a focal point no matter where it is. Crafted with an industrial metal base and reclaimed wood.  This adjustable height crank table features metal rivet design around the reclaimed mango wood top. This durable cast iron crank table base has versatile functionality. Our Industrial crank mechanism bistro table is one of the most in-demand industrial tables in many countries.

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