Indian Ambassador Car Industrial sofa

Want to Infuse your Home with your car Love!

We have this Indian Ambassador Car Vintage Industrial Sofa for your Home or Office. The classic car theme industrial Sofa comes with fully functional headlights. The Universal design of this sofa blends perfectly with your waiting room, office, bar, bistro and Living room, You name it. This Vintage Industrial Car Furniture comes in many finishes to make any place automotive.


This vintage look ambassador car sofa with definitely makes your guest full of Envy!


The first car that was made in India was the Ambassador so undoubtedly the history is fascinating. The ambassador car is a sign of royalty in India and so does the industrial sofa crafted using this car parts. After the production of these cars is stopped the vintage bodies are used for manufacturing. The combination of old ambassador with the reclaimed wood comes to you after going through skilled artisan hand. The idea of recycling the vintage car part into furniture is trending nowadays and very high in demand.

Manufacturing details:

The production of these comes after a long hard and skilled work by our artisans and Team.  The old vintage part of the car transported to the manufacturing unit from our entrusting source. The each part is properly checked due to the rustic properties of the metal. The reclaimed wood used during manufacturing has gone through many mechanical processes to make the reclaimed wood more durable and splendid.  Each part of the manufacturing process is performed by skilled artisans under the super vigilance of production management team.  The uniqueness lies in every individual car furniture as all of them are handcrafted and this uniqueness adds an elegance to the vintaging of your Industrial furniture.

Features of the product:

  1. The vintage looks of the sofa.
  2. The body paint comes in different finishes.
  3. The working lamps of the sofa.
  4. Comfortable reclaimed wood seat.
  5. Also available in the leather seat.
  6. The moveable tyres.

Every Product is crafted to perfection and that crave for perfection infuses the uniqueness in every product automatically.These vintage car sofas can offer an instant vintage charm to a home/workplace with great care and expert craftsmanship going into each design. Industrial ambassador car sofa with a vintage-style finish, metal wheels increases your persona.

Additional information

Product Code



160x80x100 cm

Furniture Type

Vintage Industrial Furniture

Furniture Use

Living room, Office, Drawing room


As shown in picture

Colors Available

Red, Blue

Material Used

Ambassador car part, Reclaimed Wood

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from the foam wrap, followed by corrugated sheets, wrap/box, and bubble wrap and finally sealed by Stretch film.
We can customize packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost., Production time is normally up to 45-60 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual Order Quantity and Destination.


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