Indian Handmade 1 drawer and 2 Door Nacre Bedside cabinet

Indian decor is definitely the best captivating and exotic style.

The luxurious and stylish look of this white floral design nacre bedside cabinet set an eternal ambience in any bedroom. The vibrant colours of mother of pearl have not dulled with the passing of time. The 2 doors and 1 drawer provides ample storage. The mother of pearl floral design Bedside Table with the shining is definitely the focal point of any place.

The size and the dimension of the products can be customised according to the need of the buyer.


Carrying the history and uniqueness of Antique mother of pearl furniture to the 21st century is never an easy job!


History of this furniture dates back since the throne of Ahmed III.

The exquisite shining of the mother of pearl and the reflection of the mother of pearl always draws the attention of human from the beginning human era. Tortoiseshell and Mother of pearl were used in India in the 1560’s and beautiful example of this is the gate of the Taj Mahal. Working in the mother of pearl is Known for centuries. Mother of pearl has always taken shape according to the need of the time.

Manufacturing details:

The manufacturing of mother of pearl furniture is undoubtedly different from others kind of furniture. The techniques and skills required for the crafting of these pieces of furniture are transferred from one generation to other from their ancestor. Each step of manufacturing is performed with a lot of care and perfection to craft the antique pieces. The wooden frame is crafted by using solid wood like mango etc.  A sketch for the design over that wooden model has been created. Small pieces of mother of pearl are washed to make them clear and infection-free. After that, the artisans prepare them for making the design by cutting and sanding with the hand as per the design. After the completion of cutting and shaping, they are glued to the wooden frame. The colour and finishes are provided according to the need of the buyer.

Each and every step of manufacturing is performed by hand with generation passed skills.


Key Features of the product:

  1. The solid wood provides durability.
  2. The colours and shine not get dulled with the passing of time.
  3. Hand-carved magnified details of the mother of pearl.
  4. Ample storage with one drawer and 2 doors.

The process of crafting this furniture is time-consuming but this is only the right way to achieve the magnificent results.

Additional information

Product Code



45x30x60 cm

Furniture Type

Indian Mother Of Pearl Furniture

Furniture Use



As shown in picture

Color available

Blue, Green, Pink

Material Used

Solid wood and mother of pearl

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from the foam wrap, followed by corrugated sheets, wrap/box, and bubble wrap and finally sealed by Stretch film.
We can customize packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost., Production time is normally up to 45-60 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual Order Quantity and Destination.

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