Sturdy Metal Wooden Back Industrial Dining Armchair

These one chairs have complete package what your home, bar, Restaurant and Dining area needs! The strong wooden seat, back and Frame is available in multiple finishes as per buyers requirement. The selective superior quality materials use to manufacture the Vintage Industrial Armchair is what makes this chair durable. Not only durable and eye-catching, these Industrial Armchairs are comfortable too.


Please, have a seat; it’s time to talk about chairs!

The word “chair” comes from the early 13th-century old french word chaiere.

Chairs are old — really old. But when exactly did humans decide the ground wasn’t good enough?  The ancient Egyptians are believed to be the one to invent a four-legged seat with a back, better known to all as a chair. Before the 16th century, the chairs are not the seat to sit. Until then, people sat on rocks, benches, and stools, which were the ordinary seats of everyday life.

The vintage Industrial concept is dedicated to preserving both our Indian Crafting skills and the available resources, forging new paths through progressive & innovative designs, creating high-quality industrial furniture, luxury tables, consoles, chairs and decor, that are true statement pieces, guaranteed to enhance the décor of any room.

The manufacturing starts after selecting top quality wood and metals and then the hard works begins. Quality control is monitored at every step of production. The raw wood materials are bought which are dry and seasoned. The moisture content is the weight of water contained in the wood compared to the wood’s dry weight. This moisture content should never exceed 25% and ideally should stay around 12%. 

Each Product is manufactured at perfection for its own functionality and that hunger for perfection reflects the uniqueness in every product automatically. These industrial chairs have the charm of vintage design with the ability of increase the ambience of any place. We say that “each item is accurately crafted using a mix of old world craftsmanship & technology, with unique custom tailoring to fulfil  personal needs of each individual owner.”

The Vintage Industrial ArmChairs are chairs to suit any interior designing style of your dream home. A brilliant fusion of contemporary solid wood with the industrial look hardware, this chair is a must-have for industrial furniture lovers.

Additional information

Product Code



40x40x80 cm

Furniture Type

Industrial Furniture

Furniture Use

Dining Chair, Loft Area, Hotel Furniture, Patio Furniture, Restaurant,



Colours Available

White, Gun Metal

Material Used

Cast Iron, Solid Wood

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from edge & corner pads, stretch film, followed by foam wrap, corrugated sheets wrap/box, and bubble wrap.
We can customise packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost. Production time is normally up to 30-45 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual order Quantity and Destination.

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