Love Seat Canvas Sofa

Appreciate the uniqueness and comforts of a 2 Seater Canvas sofa that makes you feel like an expert art lover sitting on a canvas of hazy dreams.  Manufactured of a Metal frame with a unique rust finish,  webbing belts, smooth leather straps and repurposed military fabric for the cushion covers. This Love Seat Canvas sofa is a perfect balance between its present usage and its Vintage design. The supporting belts are composed of an oxblood brown leather and antique brass buckles.  Each piece of Olive green canvas Sofa is unique and may have small repaired tears or stains from its long history of use.



Upgrading your home furniture or office furniture means picking the perfect sofa. Loveseats and sofas are a necessary and complementary addition to any home

The word ‘canvas’ is derived from the Arabic word for cannabis, a Latin word meaning ‘hemp’. In earlier times, hemp was popularly used to make the canvas. Canvas has a very simple twine – the weft thread just goes over one warp thread and under the next. Canvas is generally water-resistant. Modern canvas is usually made of cotton, linen or synthetic materials. The choice of correct synthetic materials for manufacturing can also provide an excellent weather-resistant canvas fabric. A heavy duty canvas made with 2-ply yarns in the fill (width of fabric). It’s denser, thicker and more durable than 10 oz and 12 oz canvas.  A clean outline, tufted detailing and tapered Danish-inspired, give our sofa a wealth of mid-century style. Crisp Olive green woven upholstery adds to its classic appeal.

Team Shakunt is one of the most extensive and certainly has a unique and trending collection of canvas sofas. Team Shakunt is not only graceful but very pleasing design but also in terms of comfort denotes quite well with the canvas sofa. This Canvas Sofa goes beyond the usual practical elegant comfortable,  yet complicated design to create a simply relaxed sofa with universal appeal. Frame available in black, grey, red, with black strap and Olive green colour. Seat and back cushions are upholstered in  Olive green Canvas fabric.

Likening the process of furniture construction to the way the human body is constructed, the frame, belts, and cushions became the bones, muscles, and skin of each piece.

Over the years the loveseat has evolved into a natural addition to living rooms across the world. It might surprise you that the loveseat, or settee, was once a new and innovative piece of furniture.

Additional information

Product Code



208x91x76 cm

Furniture Type

Canvas Sofa

Furniture Use

Living Room, Office Furniture, Drawing Room.


Army Green

Colours Available

Oxford Blue

Material Used

Canvas, Leather, Metal

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from the Stretch film, followed by foam wrap, corrugated sheets wrap/box, and bubble wrap.
We can customise packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost., Production time is normally up to 30-45 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual order Quantity and Destination.


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