Metal Garden Bench

If you are searching for the outdoor furniture which adds a touch of elegance to your outdoor area, this Metal Garden Bench is Perfect for your backyard, This classic patio bench features a durable powder-coat iron pipe frame for strength and a stylish cast-iron back. The rustic and unique backrest provides a ton of rest and stylish look.  We Handcraft Patio Furniture by using high quality of iron which goes through many processes for the Vintage finish.


The history of garden furniture is a fascinating one that stretches as far back in recorded history to the Greeks and Romans.

What is Cast Iron outdoor furniture?

Good question… Cast Iron is a specific type of metal that has gone through a process known as casting. India has a very strong history regarding Casting and metallurgy. The iron alloy was introduced by India thousands of years ago for everything from swords, axes to guard rails and garden furniture.

Iron is an element that has been around for ages. Both abundant and easy to work, iron is a natural choice for outdoor furniture—if finished correctly. Metal garden furniture, in general, evolved from the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s.  Cast iron became popular for use in garden furniture in the 1830s and 1840.

Cast iron is used mainly for outdoor finishings and settings, such as those used for bench legs and solid iron tables. It is suited for outdoor use due to its hardness, durability and general tough composition.

For utmost performance, the highest quality iron must be used. We use high-quality iron and a four-step finish that ensures this time-honored material will last well.  Once formed, the iron is electro galvanised, dipped, pre-finished, and Polished / Finished / Powder coated to ensure a high-quality finish, designed to combat the elements.

As these urban spaces grew along with the population, so did the demand for seating that would stay outdoors permanently as people previously dragged their furniture from indoors to escape the heat. This lead to the invention of the metal garden furniture, seen as a very exciting idea at the time.

The history of garden furniture highlights the strong connection and desire that people through all the ages have for enjoying the beautiful outdoors. Because it is relatively inexpensive, durable and can be cast easily into various shapes, cast iron is still used for a wide range of structural and decorative purpose.

Additional information

Product Code



20 kg


127x51x86 cm

Furniture Type

Metal Garden Furniture

Furniture Use

Outdoor, Garden, Patio



Colours Available

Black, Red, Blue, Green

Material Used

Cast Iron

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from edge & corner pads, stretch film, followed by foam wrap, corrugated sheets wrap/box, and bubble wrap. We can customise packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost. Production time is normally up to 30-45 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual order Quantity and Destination.


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