Metal Garden Chair

Metal Garden Furniture with this Elegant Metal Patio Chair not only became a graceful point, it also makes your garden furniture the best place in the world to see the sky and Birds. This lightweight Industrial Garden Chair is easy to shift from one place to another. The graceful curves Patio Chair  is ideal for the deck, Poolside, outdoor and Entertainment area.


The very first appearances of newborn outdoor furniture ideas are discovered back in the Greeks era and Romans era where uncomfortable stone benches used as seats for outdoor space seating. Apparently, the garden furniture oldest surviving examples were found in gardens of Pompeii. The history of garden furniture pinnacle the strong connection and desire which people have through all the ages for enjoying the beautiful outdoors. The growth in urban spaces with the population comes up with the demand for seating at outdoors. Earlier people haul their furniture from indoors to get relief from the heat which leads to the invention of lightweight patio furniture such as Windsor chair.

Wrought Iron is an element present around humans for ages. Easily available and easy to shape, The Best choice for outdoor furniture is iron —it finishes correctly. Metal garden furniture, in general, evolved from the Industrial Revolution in the early 1800s.  Cast iron became popular for use in garden furniture in the 1830s and 1840. Iron is very durable and flexible with getting shapes for the desired piece with its own story of manufacturing. From ages, the Cast Iron is used for structural and decorative purposes. We use high-quality Iron and four step process finish which ensure the durability of our Metal garden chair. Electro galvanised, dipped, pre-finished, and powder coated are some of the steps involved in crafting the beauty.

 Each Product is manufactured at perfection for its own functionality and that hunger for perfection reflects the uniqueness in every product automatically. These Metal Garden Chairs have the charm of vintage design with the ability of increase the ambience of any place. We say that “each item is accurately crafted using a mix of old world craftsmanship & modern technology, with unique custom tailoring to fulfil personal needs of each individual owner. 

Additional information

Product Code



42x52x86 cm

Furniture Type

Metal Garden Furniture

Furniture Use

Outdoor Furniture, Patio Furniture, Loft area, Dining Chair



Colours Available

Black, Red, Blue

Material Used

Cast Iron

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from the foam wrap, followed by corrugated sheets, wrap/box, and bubble wrap and finally sealed by Stretch film.
We can customize packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost., Production time is normally up to 45-60 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual Order Quantity and Destination.


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