Reclaimed Wood Chest Of Drawers

Like a classic song that is transformed with the energy of a new artist!

Handcrafted by our skilled artisans the Reclaimed Wood chest of Drawer it’s a multipurpose piece. The Chest of Drawers has four small drawers and seven large drawers for lots of dust-free seasonal storage. Our Reclaimed wood chest of drawers is handcrafted of solid reclaimed wood. This Vintage Chest Of Drawers provides a lot of storage space for clothing and accessories. Each single Drawer is beautifully handcrafted and hand sanded to ensure the vintage look and smooth finish and after this hand waxed is done for wood protection and nourishment. Our Reclaimed Wood is selected from old barns, factories, houses and Haveli across the India.  Natural markings and colour variations on the salvaged wood are enhanced by hours of fine workmanship to create the warm, rustic character that makes each piece one of a kind.


Whatever you need for your Home and Office furniture, whatever you can dream up, you’ll find a solution right here!

When people say “reclaimed wood” they’re referring to aged, recycled timbers. Using reclaimed wood for manufacturing of furniture is one of the purest forms.  Reclaimed wood is usually of a quality you can’t find in stores today. Each piece of wood has its own history and story to tell. Thus the Penchant for reclaimed and antique woods -no one else will have what you have! fulfilled by our reclaimed wood furniture. Reclaimed wood comes in as large a variety as new timber does. Whether it’s pine, oak, mahogany, Rosewood or any other variety of wood. Reclaimed and antique wood are growing in popularity and helping to preserve our history that can continue to be admired and enjoyed well into the future.

Every project start at the yard, where we pick the superior grade quality of reclaimed wood and then the hard work begins- shaping the reclaimed wood in vintage and Unique piece. As the wood dries and ages, the oxidation occurring on the surface creates the patina, which is very difficult to recreate in new lumber.

Combining the rustic charm of natural wood with contemporary designs, These beautiful woods are paired with cast metal hardware for a hand-crafted singular look that ensures no two pieces are ever alike. Once made, every part of the chest of drawers is hand sanded, to ensure the natural look and feel is kept, whilst giving it a beautiful smooth finish.  After sanding, hand waxed giving the wood protection and nourishment, whilst giving it a beautiful finish for your home. This piece has been handcrafted with the true passion for those who demand excellence. What you’re looking for a cabinet, do take a leap towards enjoying our reclaimed unique furniture.


Additional information

Product Code



80x50x140 cm

Furniture Type

Reclaimed Wood Furniture

Furniture Use

Home, Living Room, Bedroom, Office



Colours Available

Wood Colour

Material Used

Iron, Reclaimed Wood

Product Care

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Packaging & Delivery

We use four layers of packing for your products starting from edge & corner pads, stretch film, followed by foam wrap, corrugated sheets wrap/box, and bubble wrap. We can customise packaging for special needs of the customer at additional cost. Production time is normally up to 30-45 days. In transit time 3-6 weeks., Lead time may vary depending upon Individual order Quantity and Destination.


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